Why protect your business?

You have worked hard to build your business. To ensure that everything runs smoothly for you and your staff, business protection will cover most circumstances that may arise that would otherwise throw a spanner in the works.   

No matter what the size and nature of your business, certain situations could occur that would negatively affect its service delivery. From staff being taken ill or suffering an injury and being unable to work, to changes in a Director’s circumstances that could have serious ramifications.  We’re here to protect you against the unexpected and keep your business running smoothly.

Shareholder Protection Insurance

Shareholder Protection

If a shareholder were to be taken ill or die, do you know what would happen to their shares? What if they were received by someone who is inexperienced or doesn’t share the company’s values and objectives? How would their loved one receive their financial equity in the business?

The last thing you want is for an uninformed person or even a competitor to take ownership over shares in your company.  Shareholder Protection will make sure that this never occurs. For instance, the remaining company owners could receive a lump sum payment to purchase the shares, therefore keeping them in safe hands and securing the future of the business and their colleague’s beneficiaries.

Shareholder Protection Insurance
Key Person Insurance Cover

Key Person Cover

Hammond Financial specialises in safeguarding businesses in regards to ownership, profit and debt. People are a company’s most essential asset, yet they are also the most unpredictable due to no fault of their own. In the event that a key person is taken ill or a fellow director dies, you need to know that suitable protection is in place so that everything can continue running as normal. With this in mind, Key Person Cover is an affordable and highly effective insurance policy that could one day save your business.

As with all of our financial services, we provide integrity-driven solutions that create a lasting financial safety net.  Every client receives an in-depth analysis of their circumstances and what should be in place.  Therefore ensuring that the business protection is relevant, effective and as tax-efficient as possible.

Business Loan Protection

Business Loan Protection

In the same way that personal protection puts you in a safe place when circumstances change, business loan protection is a form of life insurance that pays off any outstanding corporate debt if a member of key personnel were to die. This can include loans, overdrafts and mortgages that come under the business and can also cover critical illness, protecting you and other individuals responsible for debts against the inability to work.

Many insurers also provide cover for terminal illness, which means that you will receive an early pay-out in order to pay off debts quickly if you are diagnosed with a life-threatening disease or disorder. We understand that imagining such events can be disagreeable, yet it’s crucial that protection is taken out to safeguard you and any shareholders against the worst-case scenario.

Business Loan Protection
Death In Service Insurance -Relevant Life

Relevant Life

You can also offer a death-in-service benefit to your employees through a Relevant Life Plan. This is a tax-efficient insurance policy that’s set up and paid by the employer, which upon the death or diagnosis of a terminal illness of an employee will pay out a tax-free lump sum to their beneficiaries. This is an excellent means of attracting and retaining top talent through a compassionate reward package that shows how much you care about your key people.

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